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Friday, 28 August 2015

Thermotropic Polymers

Transparency changes (Thermotropy) are either based on the appearance of lyotropic liquid crystalline phases or on the occurrence of phase separation processes, whose switching temperatures can be adjusted by varying the hydrophilic-hydrophobic-balance of the polymer material. The outstanding feature of thermotropic hydrogels is their high transparency in the clear state.

Transparency and color changes (Thermochromism) can be combined in one material, whereby the switching temperatures can be adjusted independently. Our long-term experiences in this field enable us to design hydrogels with customized thermotropic and/or thermochromic properties. The outstanding optical properties of hydrogels make these materials promising for the use in hybrid light and heat regulating sun protection glazing. Prototypes of such smart glazing with an area of up to 1m2 are currently tested under practical conditions.
                                                           Scheibe klar, leicht trüb, trüb. © Fraunhofer IAP

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